Junior High

Wednesday Nights at 7pm

Most institutions, whether they be schools, businesses, universities, the world of sports, you name it, tend to focus on improving performance. In fact, the more you look like you have it all together, the more you’re trusted and promoted. You can actually fake your whole way to the top, never knowing who you truly are and why you exist. Some of our successful heroes have broken our hearts, when we find out they cheated on their spouse with many women, or got caught in a scandal. This is a result of a society who idolizes performance.

Our goal in Radiant Youth is not to “fix” behavioral problems, nor is it to improve a student’s performance. The goal, rather, is to redeem a teenager’s identity. God’s destiny for each of our lives is hidden in Christ. Once we know who God is, who we are, what story we are a part of, we then can perform and act with accordance to what is true about us. In other words, we do not tell kids to be salt and light, but instead, we tell them they are salt and light, it’s about time you start acting like it!