Kids are a big part of Radiant Church. Because every child is a gift from God, we provide a safe and fun place for them to learn about and worship God. We want to see every child that walks through our doors to grow in their knowledge of Jesus and love for Him.


Our goal in Radiant Youth is not to “fix” behavioral problems, nor is it to improve a student’s performance. The goal, rather, is to redeem a teenager’s identity. God’s destiny for each of our lives is hidden in Christ. Once we know who God is, who we are, what story we are a part of, we then can perform and act with accordance to what is true about us. In other words, we do not tell kids to be salt and light, but instead, we tell them they are salt and light, and it’s time to start acting like it!

Young Adults

There are unique weapons formed against college-age students that we hope to dismantle. The powers of darkness seize opportunity to infiltrate the minds of young adults so as to create ideological and philosophical strongholds that are contrary to the gospel of God. Speaking the truth in love, we desire to see young people stand firm in the glorious truth of God’s word and boldly love Christ and people through the power of the Holy Spirit. We make it our goal teach the word of truth while eagerly pursuing everything the Spirit is saying and doing in our hour of history.

Every other Tuesday night 7:30-9pm in Amigo Row