COVID-19 Care

As a church community, let’s look to Jesus and put Him on display in these uncertain times. One way to do that is by demonstrating the care and support of Christian community.

If you are in need of support in these areas, please click the buttons below so we can rally around you.

Personal & Pastoral Care

Are you in need of prayer, counseling or practical assistance? We have a team ready to come alongside you.

Are you able to offer practical assistance to people in need. Let us know and we can connect with you with needs in our church and community.

Financial Advisory Care

The spread of COVID-19 is creating widespread uncertainty for many jobs and financial situations.

If you are having to make difficult financial decisions or need counsel on your financial outlook, we have a team of people ready to help.

Medical Community Care

We want to serve those who are serving us in the medical fields. If you are in the medical profession or would like to serve those who are, let our team know so we can connect you.

Families at Home Care

Families are navigating new rhythms, parents unable to work, school at home and loss of childcare. If you are a family looking for support and resources in this time, everything from school lessons to conversation and prayer, we have a team ready to help!