Jesus partied with all kinds of people so his message of grace and truth would be heard by all. We party so that more people might come into contact with the message Jesus gave us. We party throughout the week, mostly in the evenings. Parties usually center around major holidays and run September through May. Find a Party near you and contact the leader to get more details.


Jesus spent much of his ministry with a few men that he hand picked to care for and share his life with. His goal was to lead them to a deeper understanding of God, and to bring them into his life. So, like Jesus we pack in order to grow in our understanding of God and live like Jesus. We pack every day of the week, at all hours of the day.  We pack through the fall (Sep – Dec) and in the spring (Mar – Apr). Packs are flexible small groups of women or men so they typically meet at a time that works for everyone in the Pack.