Planting the Gospel in the Sacramento, California so that Oaks of Righteousness will take root.

For the
Glory of Jesus

“...that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified."

Bottom line, we are in this to bring Jesus glory, to make Him famous on this earth. We believe He is making all things new and we are excited to join Him in that work in Sacramento.

The way we go about glorifying Jesus is through faithfully planting the Gospel in every sphere of life, especially our relationships. And we know that as the Gospel takes root we will see a Jesus-worshiping, Grace-filled, Spirit-empowered, mission-focused group of people take shape. We begin with people because it is people who worship. We begin with people because it is people whom Jesus came to rescue. And we recognize that our buildings, programs, plans, and institutions will one day be gone. What will remain is Jesus and a people who know and love Him. So we partner with the Spirit of God to plant the Gospel into dead places in order that the Life of God might flourish and His Kingdom would reign on the earth.

The best part about all of this is that God is completely committed to this cause. So the pressure is off of us! We get to partner with God in His cause, with His strength, in His grace, captured by His vision and purpose. Join us in praying that His will would be done in Sacramento as we set out to see the Gospel planted, and the city transformed.


Mike & Katie Young

Katie and I both grew up in the heart of California, the San Joaquin Valley. We met while studying at Fresno Pacific University and continue to be very interested in each other.

In seven years of marriage, we’ve lived at seven addresses, created three sons, and been on three epic road trips.

Before sensing the call the plant a church, I served at Radiant Church for six years alongside good friends on a good mission in Visalia, CA. We are excited to stay linked up with Radiant Church in putting Jesus on display in our state.

Vision for Sacramento

California is a gem. We love the array of cultures and climates and geography and food and creativity in our state. California is the largest state by population in the USA and has some of the least evangelized cities in our country. Yet, this great state has a rich history of cultivating churches that glorify Jesus and influence culture. We believe California’s best days are still ahead.

We are excited to see many healthy, reproducing churches established in California; churches that are anchored in Scripture, filled with the Spirit and united on mission. We are especially excited to see these churches planted in California’s major cities, which are influential in the USA and across the world. By God’s grace we will get to be a part of seeing this happen in the state capital of Sacramento.








Team Members & counting

Our Values

Values are catalytic. We are a part of the Newfrontiers family of churches and carry shared values in our hearts.
Here are a few things we will especially value as a church in Sacramento.


It is grace all the way! This costly and beautiful gift has forever changed us and we believe it has the power to change Sacramento. The gospel of the kingdom is really good news for a busy and tired generation of people.


The word of God is a precious gift to us. In the Scriptures, we have the perfect and final authority of God’s self-revelation about his character and redeeming plan. We want to faithfully proclaim and demonstrate what God has graciously revealed to us in the Bible.

God's Presence

The Holy Spirit is God, not a force or good feeling. We are excited to see the Holy Spirit lead and empower us for ministry…making us bold for witness, equipping us with the full array of gifts described in the Bible and directing our worship toward God.

Community on Mission

We love being together. Yet, we recognize that this community is a means to the glorious end of seeing Jesus lifted up on the earth. And we think Jesus is made famous as more people worship him as Savior and follow him as Lord.

Team Leadership

Leadership is best done in community, shared among gifted and called elders. Since the primary leadership in the church is a plurality, so should other areas of leadership be shared among a team of leaders.

The City

We will be a church for the city of Sacramento. We will be a blessing to the people of our city by serving and building up our neighborhoods. We want to be a part of seeing God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.