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We are becoming Radiant

We become what we behold and we are looking at Jesus


Radiant Kids

We want our kids to love God like we do, so we show them the God we love.



If you are checking out Radiant Church for the first time, we are excited to welcome you! The best way to get a glimpse of who we are is to visit on a Sunday morning at either 9am or 11am. We are a group of people that gathers on Sundays to worship Jesus and seeks to support one another. On Sundays you can expect music, laughter, and engaging teaching about Jesus from the Bible.

We also get together during the week in Parties and Packs for the purpose of growing as a community of Jesus followers. At the heart of everything we do, Radiant Church is seeking to be a community of friends who are fascinated by Jesus and looking to reflect his goodness in our city. We hope you find a place to belong here at Radiant.

Radiant Kids

Kids are a big part of Radiant Church. Because every child is a gift from God, we provide a safe and fun place for them to learn about and worship God. We want to see every child that walks through the doors of our facility to grow and flourish in their knowledge of Jesus, and love for Him.  We believe the best place to train our kids is in the home, so we work with parents to assist in developing their children.

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Midweek Gathering

We believe that inside each person is a Party animal and a Pack animal. In between Sundays, you will find our church in medium-sized gatherings called Parties and smaller, gender-based groups called Packs. At Radiant Church we party for the purpose of connecting more people to the life of Jesus through fun and a good meal. We also Pack for the purpose of growing in maturity together in Jesus Christ.

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