Acts: Songs Inspired

Nine singer-songwriters from Radiant Church read the book of Acts together and crafted songs inspired by the early church and the Mission of God going into all the earth.

The Acts Music Project will be available to buy (both hard copies & digital download) in July of 2015. All proceeds will go to fund new church plants abroad in Istanbul, Turkey and locally in Sacramento, California.


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About the Music

Steven Potorke, Danny Bartlett, Monica Stahl
Daniel Rice, Amanda Atkins, Chris Seitz
Joel Adam Russell, ReNelle Rice, Jerrod & Rachel Turner


by Steven Potorke   •   Acts 9:3-9, 4:32-35, 13:4-12

I believe Saul/Paul’s life to be tragic as much as it was triumphant.


I Will Not Be Moved

by Danny Bartlett   •   Acts 20:22-27, 21:9-14

Paul’s relentless decision to press on into God’s mission is a result of his unique love for Christ.


Know This God

by Monica Stahl   •   Acts 9

Until we let Him meet us in our unedited story and heal us, we can often be doing more harm than good.


Forever Family

by Daniel Rice   •   Acts 2, Psalm 104:4, Joel 2:28

Acts is packed with illustrations of our forever family, including our adoption by the Father into his family.


I Will Sing

by Amanda Atkins   •   Acts 16:25-16, 12:1-11, 18:9-10

We can rely fully on the Lord in times of “imprisonment” and suffering in our own lives for He hears our prayers and answers them with more glory than we could ever imagine.



by Chris Seitz   •   Acts 2:2-4, 17-18; Matt. 3:11, 16;  Rev. 22:4-5

The Holy Spirit’s Presence brings our dead souls to life, fills and sustains us, and keeps us passionate in bringing Him glory.



by Joel Adam Russell   •   Acts 3:1-10

We can throw off our old selves, arise, and walk in the knowledge that God has adopted us and gifted us a great inheritance.


He Gave/Will Give

by ReNelle Rice   •   Acts 2:25-28, 3

I believe God is able to heal now, and that ultimately His kingdom will come and everything will be redeemed and restored.



by Jerrod and Rachel Turner   •   Acts 27, 28

This song is a reminder to us that God makes good on His promise even when it doesn’t look like it or feel like it.



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