Frequently Asked Questions

People ask us some of these questions. Some of the time.

Where is Radiant Church

We’re located in Visalia, California.  Which is right in the heart of California, between SF and LA.  We call it the South Valley, and we love it.  We believe that God wants the South Valley to worship Him and find their joy and salvation in Him.  So we’re rooted here, believing that in coming years more communities will be impacted by the life-changing work of Jesus.

What are Sundays like at Radiant Church?

Jesus Christ is the main thing at Radiant. We gather at 9am and 11am on Sundays to worship Jesus, learn about Jesus, enjoy one another, serve Jesus, and declare the Good News of Jesus. We usually sing songs as we begin to gather.  We then spend some time meeting and greeting one another, followed by a time of teaching from the Bible. We like to respond to what God is doing, so there may be times at the end of the service to take communion and pray for one another. As a guest you are welcome to participate in as much as you are comfortable with on a Sunday morning.

What about my kids?

Kids are a big part of Radiant Church. Because every child is a gift from God, we provide a safe and fun place for them to learn about and worship God on Sunday mornings. We have childcare for kids younger than 4 and engaging programs from children from age 4-12. Learn more about Radiant Kids.

Are you a part of something bigger than yourself?

Radiant Church is connected to a worldwide family of churches called Newfrontiers. We are linked with these churches through common values, genuine friendship and a commitment to see churches established and strengthened in every corner of our world. This relationship with trans-local leadership encourages our leaders at Radiant to simultaneously look at what is happening in our local church and also own a vision for what God is doing around the world.

How is this church led?

Radiant Church is led by elders who oversee and guide the church family. The word elder is how the Bible describes a pastor. These men have demonstrated the character requirements outlined in the Bible, the competency to lead the church, and the call to serve people with an attitude of humility. In short, elders are men who are worth following. There are numerous other leaders in Radiant Church including staff who care for important functions of the church and hundreds of volunteers who lead everything from a financial meeting to a classroom full of 3-year olds.

Do you rent your facility for special events?

Yes, we rent our facility for weddings and some ministry related events.  Contact the main office at 559-627-0777 for more information.